Jayke1981 -- Works on Chrome!
montdav -- @Mick, yes the domain should be fine now. Firefox users.may experience the issue, but that is down the Firefox and not something we can control
Mick -- Is the domain URL now fully working?
montdav -- @Jayke1981 That should now be working
Jayke1981 -- Is there any way of adding the instant comment box at the bottom of the threads like the old forum?
Mick -- Also there was no member called jfjcrewe on the old forum. Welcome back.
stevenUK1 -- Jjohnston this is a new site so everyone has had to start a fresh account. Welcome to SW.
jjohnston299 -- i used to be a member about 6 or 7 years ago or more i cant find it so i have done it again my old name was jfjcrewe
Mick -- @Rob Hill ypu should do On This Day
stevenUK1 -- People can always save it to their favorites if it isn't on this site.